Jacob Hege
When I tell people that I'm studying Gender and Sexuality Studies, they typically respond with a polite nod and a conversation-ending or And to be honest, when I declared my double majors, I really wasn't sure. But since then, I've come to realize that that's ok. My studies and extracurriculars at Davidson College, paired with my time studying changing communities and social media in Denmark led me to realize I want to make a difference in the way that people are represented in the media. My double major in Communications and Gender and Sexuality centers on the power of media and message strategies at the intersections of gender, sexuality, social and media effects. My Communication Studies major focusesĀ on new and changing medias, digital studies, and mass communication, while my GSS major focuses on literary and cultural representations. I am on track to graduate from Davidson College in the Spring of 2018. After that, I am not yet sure where I am headed, but
"What can you do with that?" oh... I know it will involve rhetoric, creativity, and representing people.
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