Jacob Hege

My dog didn't eat this homework.

(She's a sassy, 42 lbs. basset hound, thank you for asking).

New Media and Changing Communities

In the fall of 2016, I studied abroad at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen, DK. For one my core course, we were asked to select a target population and design a mobile app for them. My group created 'WRK.' for the modern college student. The idea for the app was to help students locate public work spaces in their city such as coffee shops, libraries, etc. Below is the mock-up I designed for our group's presentation.

Printmaking and Word Art

During my final semester at Davidson, I took a joint Art/English course that combined traditional Japanese printmaking methods with interactive and digital design.

Color and Sexuality in 'Tangled Hair'

In this project, I turned three of Yosano Akiko's tanka into gifs. I was struck by her use of color and bold, feminist assertions of her sexuality, and so I turned each tanka into one essential color.. The gifs are meant to be difficult to read.  I wanted the words to be only slightly off from the poem's color - so close that they are not immediately accessible to the viewer. These words create the color of the poem, but the words themselves can never be the color. As the lines of the tanka cycle through the gif, new version of the poem are offered to the reader as well.

Screen Printing

In addition to learning traditional printmaking techniques, we learned to screen print. This is the digital rendering of one of my screen prints..


For our final project we were tasked with creating a book and presenting it in both a physical and digital context. I created an interactive website for my digital experience, which I have since taken offline. You can see what the site looked like below, as well as a digital rendering of my physical book.